TGIF…and thoughts on beauty

First of all, I have to apologize for not posting anything in almost 3 months! Life has changed a bit in recent mounths…I’m going to be a Mom!! We are expecting our first child this November and couldn’t be more excited! More to come on all of that soon. For now, I wanted to just say “Hi” to my few followers and finally put up this post I started months ago but still wanted to get out there.

Second, TGIF!!!

Friday has been my favorite days of the week for many years, for many reasons. It’s the beginning of the weekend for one. Who doesn’t love that? People seem to be happier on Fridays which adds to its already glowing luster. There are even songs celebrating the glory of this day…”Friday I’m in love” – The Cure, “Last Friday Night” – Katy Perry, and let’s not forget Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

I woke up this particular Friday a little tired from coughing half the night away, thank you Bronchitis, but still drug myself out of bed and to the gym. Although I didn’t get to much accomplished there, it still made me feel better to start my Friday with a little exercise.

So, while I was sweating away on the elliptical this morning, I thought about exercise and beauty. I exercise mostly because it makes me feel good and I like to maintain a healthy body weight. But I have talked to many people while working in the fitness industry who stress and obsess about their weight. Body image is such a huge issue for so many woman and problems with it seem to arise earlier and earlier in girls.

With those thoughts in mind, I wanted to share an amazing book given to me by one of my dearest friends.
“Operation Beautiful” by Caitlin Boyle is a collection of stories, some in post-it form, about finding your inner beauty and letting go of the negative opionions you have of yourself. It is truly a beautiful book about changing your outlook on life and lifting your, and maybe someone else’s spirits by leaving positive messages in unlikely places. I love how Stepfanie Romine from says that “Operation Beautiful is tea and sympathy, a kick in the pants, and a pep talk from a trusted friend all in one. Caitlin walks the walk and expertly weaves her own deep-held secrets in with life-changing stories of women from all around the world…should be mandatory reading for women everywhere.”

Definitely a must read!

Everyone have a great weekend and I promise to not fall off the face of the earth again soon! 🙂

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