Happy Hump Day & a Painting the Town Party review


Oh yeah, it’s Hump Day everyone! Is this week flying by or is it just me?!

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in Bismarck! I think we might have topped out at a sunny 48 degrees! Glorious day for a run outside which is what I did after work before picking my little one up.

To top the day off, I had a “girls date” with my dear friend Jenna. We had plans to “Paint the Town” and I was pretty pumped for a girls night out.

The Paint the Town Party is an event put on by one of our local news stations, Towns Square Media. We were able to buy tickets through this really great site called Seize the Deal. Seize the Deal is one of those daily deal websites that offers discounts on local restaurants as well as tickets for activities around town. It sounded like a really great time! Admission got you one ticket to Painting the Town Party at Lucky Ducks which included class and instruction time, two adult beverages and a shared appetizer. And best of all, you get to go home with a canvas painting that you made!

I loved that the class was held at Lucky Ducks! It is a local restaurant and bar that has really unique and delicious sandwiches as well as other lunch and dinner items. My all time favorite is their Teal Sandwich, a delicious combination of sliced turkey breast, sprouts, cucumber, tomato, & a wasabi aioli. I usually get it on the wheat and have it toasted. Yummmmmmmm….


Anyway, back to the painting the town. I arrived at Lucky Duck’s a little late of course…story of my life! Jenna had gotten there on time and got us a spot. They had the upstairs section of the Pond, Lucky Duck’s Bar, sectioned off and had the tables already set up with canvases and paint when I got there. AND the wine was already being served. There are bonuses to being late. 🙂


After getting settled in and helping myself to a plate full of the awesome taco dip & tortilla roll-ups, we got to work.


Jenna getting in touch with her inner artist.

Adding some "snow" after completing my gray background

Adding some “snow” after completing my gray background

Jenna and I

Jenna and I


Almost finished!

Almost finished!







Our finished work!

Over all, it was a really fun event! My only critique would be the expense, $45 which included the above mentioned adult beverages, appetizers, art supplies & instruction. There are actually other classes like this available in town for $20 or less where you bring your own wine if you want and get to create an art piece and take it home.

I did love that the event was at Lucky Ducks, which is in downtown Bismarck. Had Jenna or I been able to stay out later, it would have been fun to go to some of the other downtown pubs to have a cocktail after our class.

Also, the instructor did a really great job considering how full the room was. Lots of ladies…and one lucky guy…enjoying tasty wine and good company make a noisy bunch. But she did a great job getting to each table to make sure we were keeping up and not butchering our work.

All in all, I would definitely recommend taking one of these classes if you live in Bismarck. They are on Tuesday nights from 6:30 – 8:30 at Lucky Ducks. You can buy tickets to the event here.

Hope you all had a fabulous Hump Day!


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