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About the blog…


Bismarck Street Art

Northutopia is a little blog I began as a fun little place to share my love of living in North Dakota, of traveling, cooking, reading, running, and being a mom.

I love living in the mid-west! Many people may wonder why I would choose to live in a place where the temperature varies from -30 degrees Fahrenheit (before the wind chill) to 100 degrees! Well that is what Northutopia is all about! I love finding the beauty in the little things and ways to have fun through our long, freezing winters.

Northutopia is also about FOOD! I love food. I love eating it, making it, talking about it…did I mention eating it? Here, you will find healthy, affordable meal ideas that will feed your whole family, including your little ones!  I firmly believe in the value of sitting down together as a family EVERY night and work hard to make that happen. Finding a healthy meal that everyone will enjoy, including my little ones, is a challenge but I love seeing them try new things and I love spending a few minutes being able to chat with my husband about his day over a nice family dinner.

You’ll also find reviews on books, local eateries & cafe’s, & travel destinations…where to stay, where to eat, what to do. My husband and I loved to travel pre-baby and are making it a point to still make a couple of trips a year now that we are Four instead of Two.

A little more about me…

River Day!My name is Angie Miller, proud wife and mother to 2 beautiful little girls.  I work full-time outside of the home as an Account Executive at our local NBC affiliate. I love living in North Dakota, most of the time. 🙂 It admittedly gets trying come January when its negative 30 degrees out most days but I always try to find ways to keep busy and have fun through those long winter months.

I love food! I love finding fun healthy recipes to try as well as working to perfect our favorites. We love Mexican food and pizza in our house so I’m always trying to find healthy alternatives so we can enjoy our favorites without feeling guilty. I’m a big fan of organic and natural products and try to use those in my cooking as much as possible.

Running is my stress relief. I love the way I feel after finishing a good 6 mile run! Ahhhh…so tired and yet rejuvenated! I finished my first full marathon in October of 2012. I’ve ran three 1/2 marathons so far and am running my first 1/2 marathon since having my babies this May.  I’m also a huge Pure Barre fan! I fell in love with the Pure Barre method last fall and have loved the way it has changed my body and helped with my running. I love helping people find the joy of running and being active so please let me know if you have any questions in that area or would like a training plan!

Thanks for visiting! You can contact me at northutopiablog@gmail.com with any questions, advice, or comments.


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